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Insights for Impact

In our Insights for Impact program, Facebook partners with humanitarian organizations around the world to analyze trends in public posts on the Facebook platform, leveraging those insights to inform social mobilization campaigns around the world.


Targeted Public Posts

Billions of posts shared publicly exist on Facebook every month that can help reveal how communities feel about issues like public health and access to healthy food. By analyzing trends in public conversations and sharing these insights with nonprofits, Insights for Impact helps social good partners reach target populations through better-informed outreach campaigns.

Natural Language Processing

Using machine learning tools for natural language processing, Insights for Impact allows Facebook to sort through the billions of public posts to find those related to specific topics.

Analytics and Access

The Facebook team provides partners with advanced analytics to craft their communications, as well as with Facebook ad credits to boost their reach. We also offer technical support for partners who have not used our marketing tools before.

This [zika] outbreak has been one of the first public health emergencies where digital communication tools have the opportunity to fundamentally improve how populations become aware of and respond to the outbreak impacting their communities...Trends in online interactions and patterns can inform our interventions and make them more effective.”

Erica Kochi, head of UNICEF Futures

Who Uses Insights for Impact

Non-profits and UN agencies

Groups like Population Services International and UNICEF have used Insights for Impact to improve the reach, awareness, and recall of their social mobilization campaigns around zika and the flu.

Public sector institutions

Public sector institutions like the National Center for Disease Control in Nigeria have used Insights for Impact to improve the content and targeting of informational ads on meningitis treatment.


Insights for Impact uses anonymized text data from public Facebook posts to find trends in public conversations using Natural Language Processing (NLP). Using this tool, partners can isolate topics of interest, determine a post's sentiment, and even detect which language is being used in a conversation. Insights for Impact also surfaces dominant topics within a set of public posts, measuring the relative weight of each term over time.

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